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You now can purchase “Resveratrol” right here, from our website. The following TV news video clip which talks about “Resveratrol” was up loaded more than one year ago:

Studies have proven that the Resveratrol in red wine can normalize blood pressure, thin blood, and dissolve deadly blood clots. Just image the heart and artery – healing powder.
Product Information:
Trigger Your Longevity Gene With Resveratrol.
The Natural Way To Live Longer, Healthier And Slimmer.

At last, you can stop or even reverse your ageing process and all the health problems that go along with ageing. Finally, you can live longer, healthier and slimmer. Just add Resveratrol to your daily plan.

With its anti-ageing benefits, Resveratrol is attracting news highlights on American TV shows like “60 Minutes”, “ABC news”, “CBS news” and “Oprah” and in US publications like Fortune Magazine, Time Magazine, and the New York Times. This shouldn’t come as any surprise when you hear how it works.

Resveratrol Activates The “Longevity Gene” in Your Body And Heals You At The Deepest Cellular Level. By using this Unique Supplement, you can experience powerful health and vitality. You can lose weight and maintain it. Last but not least, you can add high-quality years or even decades to your life.

Typical Resveratrol supplements are made from Japanese knotweed, which contains only trans-resveratrol.

Although trans – Resveratrol is a powerful anti-ageing nutrient, it’s not the only form of resveratrol found in red wine. So if you’re taking a supplement that only offers trans-resveratrol, you’re missing out on huge health benefits.

That doesn’t happen with when you have a formula that offers you trans-resveratrol from Japanese knowtweed, plus Vineatrol®A Mixed Resveratrol blend from Breko GmbH, Germany.

Vineatrol® Mixed Resveratrol has six different molecules of Resveratrol for a supplement of unmatched potency. There simply is nothing else like it in the entire world. Breko’s Mixed Resveratrol blend is derived from the finest vineyards in Bordeaux, France, which are known for their high quality red wines with amazingly high levels of Resveratrol.

Not only that, Breko GmbH has found a way to isolate the different types of Resveratrol, not just from the grapes themselves, but also from the vines, the leaves and the seeds. This gives you an even richer source of Resveratrol.

More beneficial than 100 glasses of red wine!

No matter how much red wine you drink, you can never get enough to activate your “longevity gene”. Also, while moderate wine may be good for your heart, it’s not good for your liver, especially in large quantities. That’s why Breko’s Mixed Resveratrol may be your best option to get optimum amounts of Resveratrol.

With a highly advanced and patented extraction process, Breko’s Mixed Resveratrol (Nn ResveraMix) isolates all six molecules of Resveratrol, just as Nature intended. These molecules work in synergy to optimize your anti-ageing benefits.

In fact, just 100mg of Breko’s Mixed Resveratrol (Nn ResveraMix) offers you more benefits than 100 glasses of red wine…has twenty times the potency of ordinary trans- Resveratrol supplements…and offers double the potency of the next best Resveratrol supplement on the market!

The Ultimate Anti-ageing Wonder of Resveratrol

It gets even better! Resveratrol doesn’t just activate your “longevity gene”. It also stops the main culprits in cellular ageing. This powerful nutrient can:

  1. Enhance and optimize DNA repair
  2. Your DNA is the cellular blueprint from your parents. It’s designed to produce healthy cells over and over again. But your “DNA map” can be changed over time by diet, lifestyle, toxins, pollution, radiation etc. and start to produce unhealthy, damaged cells. The result is ageing and, eventually, death.

  3. Reverse the decline of your cellular energy
  4. Mitochondria are the energy – producing structures inside your cells that enable them to function, repair and maintain themselves. A decline in mitochondrial function causes a decline in your cellular energy – which slows down your entire system. It’s akin to your cells running out of batteries.

  5. Reduce the accumulation of AGEs (advanced glycation end products) that literally age you
  6. Eating a diet high in refined carbohydrates causes AGEs – thick, gooey, caramel – like waste products that from in – between your cells. The accumulation of AGEs affects how your cells function, literally age a person, and cause cataracts, Alzheimer’s, wrinkles, age spots, and even organ problems.

  7. Halt the ravages of free radicals
  8. Free radicals are a byproduct of normal cell function, but they cause cells to be destroyed. When tree radicals damage or kill enough cells, your body starts to age. Free radical damage has been linked to a range of disorders including cancer, arthritis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.

    Good thing for Resveratrol. This anti-aging wonder helps you prevent these causes of cellular ageing and sty younger – for longer. In fact, in offers potent health benefits for your heart, brain, weight, skin and much more.


This powerful substance has many positive key factors, it is known to slow down the aging process, prevent cancer growth, and prevent heart disease. It is also known to lower blood sugars to help with diabetes and it’s also shown to have significant anti-inflammatory properties.


A powerful antioxidant, it’s amazing health benefits, include: weight management, improvements in energy, improvements with digestion, helping detoxification, improving skin appearance, improving heart health, reducing the signs of aging, and the reduction of cholesterol levels.


The thermogenic effect of green tea, appears to be attributed to the synergistic interaction between the 2 main chemicals catechin-polyphenols and caffeine which augment and prolong sympathetic stimulation of thermogenesis.